MMS Module Replacement Using PXI/PXIe

  • Utilize Unused MMS Chassis Space
  • Solve MMS Obsolescence
  • Easily Replace Obsolete MMS with PXI or PXIe
  • No New MMS Chassis Required
  • Maximize Existing Slot Space
  • Add New Capabilty in an Existing Chassis
  • Configuration Flexibility to Support New and Upgraded System Requirements
  • Avoid Unnecessary Replacement of MMS Instruments
  • Lower Lifecycle Costs
  • Reduce ECP/ECN Costs
  • Simplify Replacement Cabling
  • Reduce T.O. Changes Necessary
  • Instantly Create Hybrid Test Solutions

The Advanced Testing Technologies MMS PXI/PXIe Insert (patent pending) is a PXI carrier designed to be mounted in a standard MMS chassis. The unit functions as an MMS-to-PXI converter that allows the user to modernize existing MMS equipment with PXI/PXIe instrument modules in a Form Fit Function MMS replacement solution, or easily incorporate PXI/PXIe instruments into an MMS system. It is available in 2-slot and 4-slot configurations. Also available for VXI systems.

The MMS PXI/PXIe insert is a target product for Mil-Aero and DoD customers faced with reduced support equipment budgets and legacy MMS systems requiring sustainment or requiring modernization with new capabilities.

This product eliminates the need to replace a complete MMS chassis and currently sustainable instruments or find rack space to incorporate a new PXI chassis. The availability of the single MMS slot insert allows single MMS instruments, such as digitizers, DMMs, and counters to be replaced at the instrument level. These products do not require any micro-code overhead or complex development. Additionally, ATTI may be capable of designing any required replacement native MMS instrument.

Part Number Number of MMS slots Number of PXI/PXIe slots
20175000-10 1 2
20175000-30 2 3
20175000-50 3 5
20175000-70 4 8
MMS-PXI/PXIe InsertSystem Controller Module included. Other modules shown for reference only.