Transportable Hardware

Transportable Cases for BRAT Test Systems

The transportable tester utilizes ruggedized cases to protect the test equipment for transport and from harsh environmental conditions. The cases protect the equipment from a transit drop of 18 inches. They have a geometric configuration which permits stacking and are equipped with front and rear covers. The covers have provisions for storage of cables and other accessories. The cases are fitted with pressure equalizing valves and are equipped with hinged handles to facilitate easy carrying as well as stacking.

Part Number Description
TC941-AC Transportable A/C Case
TC941-ANAC Transportable Analog Case
TC941-CC Transportable Controller Case
TC941-DC1 Transportable D/C1 Case
TC941-DC2 Transportable D/C2 Case
TC941-JTDS2 Transportable JTIDS2 Case
TC941-JTDS3 Transportable JTIDS3 Case
TC941-MMS1 Transportable MMS1 Case
TC941-MMS2 Transportable MMS2 Case
TC941-MMS3 Transportable MMS3 Case
TC941-NET Transportable Network Analyzer Case
TC941-RFIU Transportable RFIU Case
TC941-SYN3 Transportable SYN3 Case
TC941-TDC Transportable Turret/Digital Case
94100260-10 Transportable RF Upgrade
94100261-10 Transportable VXI Case


Phase Noise Drawer Case Assembly

  • Includes phase noise case and phase noise measurement #2

RFIU Phase Noise Case with SPD

  • Includes RFIU case and mainframe, RF measurement #1, phase noise measurement module, RF output, auxiliary signal processor/ matrix, power sensor