Transportable BRAT Test System

Transportable BRAT Tet System Overview

The transportable tester utilizes ruggedized cases to protect the test equipment for transport and from harsh environmental conditions. The cases protect the equipment from a transit drop of 18 inches. They have a geometric configuration which permits stacking and are equipped with front and rear covers. The covers have provisions for storage of cables and other accessories. The cases are fitted with pressure equalizing valves and are equipped with hinged handles to facilitate easy carrying as well as stacking.

This system is a complete functional equivalent to the BRAT 107. All BRAT options apply. The BRAT ZIF legacy inerface adapter is available as an option.

All TPSs are interchangeable between the Benchtop and its equivalent Transportable version:BRAT benchtop and transportable equivalent

Transportable BRAT 207Transportable BRAT 207