BRAT 185

Stand-Alone TACAN Test System


The BRAT 185 Stand-Alone TACAN Test System is an organizational and intermediate level tester designed to work with various TACAN instruments. This system can simulate another TACAN instrument, including a beacon or a receiver/transmitter, at various ranges and bearings. The system can measure transmitter peak power and modulation percentage, and receiver sensitivity and selectivity, along with many other parameters. The system can also measure indicator and display accuracies, making use of synchro/resolver signal analysis. In addition, the system can simulate the TACAN control function. Options are available for additional requirements.

Part Number



92103987-01 VXI Mainframe 1
92103986-01 VXI Mainframe Command Module 1
92103860-03 6 1/2-Digit High-Accuracy Multimeter 1
92103855-03 Synchro/Resolver Simulator and Indicator 1
04000009-10 Rack Mount Computer 1
94000887-01 DC Power Supply Frame 1
94000888-01 0 to 7 V Module for DC Power Supply 2
94000889-01 0 to 20 V Module for DC Power Supply 2
94000890-01 0 to 32 V Module for DC Power Supply 2
RF Rack
94100500-50 Electronic Power Control Center - Single Phase 1
01000502-01 Navigation Support Instrument 1
01000186-01 TACAN Control Unit 1
11185RT Runtime Software for BRAT 185

Options Available for the BRAT 185

11185 Development Software for BRAT 185
BRAT 185 TACAN Test System185