BRAT Option B201M

Missile Test System


The BRAT Option B201M is a general purpose missile test system utilizing Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) equipment in a modular design. The tester consists of two rack consoles to test pneumatic and electrical parameters respectively. The reconfigurable consoles allow easy access to all of the modules and room for expansion/
reconfiguring. The pneumatic console provides eight lines to the two independent gas supplies. The electronic console interface provides up to 450 pins of signal I/O and switching capability and 600 pins of cable testing capability.

State-of-the-Art Technology

The BRAT features VXI instrument-on-a-card and modular technologies to provide complex testing capabilities in a compact workstation. The pneumatic pressure and flow rates are controlled by a real time computer system that obtains pressure, temperature, and flow rates and adjusts valves automatically to obtain the desired settings.

Electronic Valve and Servo Motor Testing

The electronic console contains a Driver Simulator Module that provides precision drive signals that are monitored to provide measurement capabilities of servo motor slew rate, motor spin up time, and valve open and close times.

Ordnance Initiator Device Testing

The electronic console contains circuitry to safely test Ordnance Initiator Devices by using controlled currents.

Precision Pneumatic Pressure and Flow Sources

The pneumatic console uses Helium and Nitrogen gas sources to supply a pressure or flow through the gas interface lines.

Pneumatic Console Specifications

Helium Supply/Drain Lines

Lines: 2 source lines, 3 drain (options for additional lines)
Pressure: 0 to 4500 PSIG
Flow Rate: 0.84 to 60 SCFM

Nitrogen Supply Lines

Lines: 1 source valved to 3 lines
Pressure: 0 to 250 PSIG

Pressure Regulators

Range: 0 to 4500 PSIG He, 0 to 250 PSIG N2
Accuracy: ± 30 PSIG He, ± 2.5 PSIG N2

Filtration System

Particle Size: 2 microns


Pressure Range: 0 to 400 PSIG He
Flow Range: 0.84 to 60 SCFM
Accuracy: ± 0.2 SCFM

Metering Valves

Resolution: 1% increments of open
Rating: 10,000 PSI
Shutoff Valves
Rating: 10,000 PSI


Electronic Console Specifications

Arbitrary Waveform Generator

Channels: 2 output channels
Frequency Range: 1.0 MHz to 25 MHz
Amplitude (1 Meg Ohm): 20 mV to 22 V p-p
Amplitude (50 Ohms): 10 mV to 11 V p-p
Standard Waveforms: 8 (sin, triangle, square, pulse, pos ramp, neg ramp, arbitrary, DC)
Custom Waveforms: 64K points, 12-bit data, 50 MHz data rate
Modulation Modes: 6 (FM, PM, AM, PSK, FSK, PWM)

Relay Matrix

Channels: 192 channels muxed to analog test instruments
Voltage: 200 Vdc max.
Current: 1.5 A carry, 0.5 A switch
Bandwidth: 10 MHz (192 channels)

Power Amplifier

Channels: 4 channels
Gain: 1 to 10
Output: 90 V p-p max.
Frequency: DC to 150 KHz

Digital Multimeter

AC/DC Voltage: Range: 30 mV to 300 V
Resolution: 10 nV to 100 mV
Resistance (2/4 Wire): Range: 30 Ohms to 3 G Ohms
Resolution: 10 m Ohms to 1 K Ohms
Frequency: Range: 10 Hz to 1.5 MHz
Period: Range: 0.025 s to 667 ns
Sensitivity: 10 mV rms (sine wave)

Rack Mount Digital Oscilloscope

Channels: 4
Bandwidth: 200 MHz
Storage: 30K points per channel
Resolution: 8 bits/12 bits in HI-Res mode
Time Scale: 10 ns/div to 20 s/div
Voltage Scale: 0.001 V/div to 10 V/div
Measurements: 25 automatic measurements

DC Power Supplies

Resolution: 10 mV
Range: 3 x 0 to 32 Vdc @ 6.25 A
1 x 0 to 40 Vdc @ 5.0 A

Driver Simulator Module

Valve Driver Channels: 2 each
Servo Motor Channels: 2 each
Switch Motor Channels: 1 each

Cable Tester

Points: 600 points
Insulation Resistance
Source: 500 Vdc @ 1 mA supply
Dielectric Strength
Source: 500 Vac @ 1 mA supply
Continuity Current
Source: 3.0 A supply
Measurements: Continuity, insulation resistance, dielectric strength
Accuracy: 10 bits
BRAT Option B201M Missile Test SystemB201M