BRAT Option B35E

Missile Electronics Test System


The BRAT Option B35E is a general purpose missile electronics test system utilizing Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) equipment in a modular design. The test console consists of two ruggedized racks containing the computer system, the power supply system, and three VXI mainframes containing the electronic switching, stimulus, and measurement instrumentation. This system is a functional equivalent to the ATS-E35E test system including the patch panel interface and signal characteristics at this interface. The reconfigurable test system allows easy access to all of the modules and room for expansion/reconfiguring.

State-of-the-Art Technology

The BRAT features VXI instrument-on-a-card and modular technologies to provide complex testing capabilities in a compact workstation.

High Speed Dynamic Digital

The clock lines operate at up to 50 MHz while the I/O pins operate at up to 25 MHz. 128K of memory are behind each pin, which can be run continuously or in segments for multiple tests.

Multiple Programmable DC and AC Supplies

The power system is a reconfigurable precision power subsystem designed to meet the challenges of high tech ATE.

Operating Environment

The standard operating environment is Windows®. The software packages installed are determined by the user's test requirements.

Multiple Instrument Synchronization

Complete access at the interface of all instrument "trigger" signals allows multiple instrument synchronizations, or "event" testing. This technique can reduce the software overhead for a test and increase throughput.

Measurement Capability to 1.6 GHz

RF switching is used to route signals of up to 4 GHz. Signal measurement capability is up to 250 MHz in the time domain using the Scope and up to 1.6 GHz in the frequency domain using the Spectrum Analyzer.


Computer System

Rack-mounted Intel Pentium based PC, 17" rack-mounted monitor, rack-mounted keyboard with integral touchpad pointing device. The printer is a high speed laser printer rack-mounted in a peripheral drawer.

Power Control System

A single power switch controls the system power on/off function. An Emergency Stop switch is used to remove all station power when depressed. The input power required is three phase, 60 Hz AC power @ 30 A maximum. An hour meter monitors the amount of time the station is powered up.


TCASE Development System with software drivers for each test instrument. Virtual control panels are provided for each test instrument. A password protected menu program is used to select programs to be run. The TBASIC programming language with integrated debugger is used for instrument control programming and Graphical User Interface presentation. LASAR data post processors, LASAR run time fault dictionary, and probe based diagnostic routines are available for digital testing.

Power Supplies

DC Power Supply  
Nine Programmable DC Supplies  
Resolution: 12 bits
Range: 2 of 0 to 200 Vdc @ 18.7 A
  6 of 0 to 40 Vdc @ 25 A
  1 of 0 to 40 Vdc @ 125 A
AC Power Supply
(Three Phase)
Frequency Resolution:  
0.01 Hz 40 to 99.9 Hz
0.05 Hz 100 to 999.9 Hz
0.5 Hz 1000 to 5000 Hz
Range: 0 to 312 Vac @ 13 A/phase


Scanner: 40 of 1 x 8, 1 A, 10 MHz
General: 48 of SPDT, 5 A, 50 MHz
Reed: 96 of SPST, 5 A, 50 MHz
Power: 48 of SPST, 10 A, 50 MHz
RF: 4 of 1 x 8 coax, 1 GHz
RF: 8 of 1 x 4 coax, 4 GHz


Variable Voltage HI: -5 Vdc to +15 Vdc
Variable Voltage LO: -15 Vdc to +5 Vdc
Quantity: 480 bidirectional pins
Pattern Rate: 0 to 25 MHz
Pattern Depth: 128K
Static Relay Driver: 128 I/O pins, 0 to 42 Vdc, 250 mA

Analog Measurement

Resolution: 6 1/2 digits
Voltage: 30 mV to 300 V
Resistance: 30 Ohms to 300 M Ohms
Frequency: 10 Hz to 300 KHz
Channels: 2 channels and trigger
Bandwidth: DC to 250 MHz
Sample Rate: 1 GSa/s
Input Ranges: 2 mV/div to 5 V/div
Vertical Resolution: 8 bits times scale
Time Base: 10 ns/div to 1 s/div
Counter Timer  
Channels: 2 input channels
Frequency: 0.001 Hz to 200 MHz
Period: 50 ns to 1000 s
Amplitude: 100 mV p-p to 10 V p-p
Trigger Range: -10.2 V to +10.2 V

Analog Stimulus

Function Generators  
Channels: 2 output channels
Frequency Range: 1.0 mHz to 25 Mhz
Amplitude (1 M Ohms): 20 mV to 22 V p-p
Amplitude (50 Ohms): 10 mV to 11 V p-p
Standard Waveforms: 8 (sin, triangle, square, pulse, pos ramp, neg ramp, arbitrary, DC)
Custom Waveforms: 64K points, 12 bit data, 50 MHz data rate
Modulation Modes: 6 (FM, PM, AM, PSK, FSK, PWM)
Pulse Generators  
Channels: 2 output channels
Frequency: 10 Hz to 50 MHz
Amplitude (50 Ohms): 5 mV p-p to 22 V p-p
Pulse Period: 10 ns to 1 s
Pulse Width: 10 ns to 1 s
Pulse Delay: 120 ns to 1 s
Rise/Fall Times: 3 ns to 150 ns
Modes: 6 (normal, trig, delay trig, burst, gated)


Specifications: BRAT RF Instruments

RF Synthesizer

Channels: 2 output channels
Frequency Range: 9 KHz to 2.4 GHz
Frequency Resolution: 1 Hz
Output Range: -137 dBm to +25 dBm
Output Resolution: 0.1 dB
Modulation Modes: 5 (FM, PM, AM, FSK, PWM)

Power Meter

Channels: Single channel
Frequency Range: 100 KHz to 110 GHz
Power Range: -70 dBm to +44 dBm
Power Accuracy: 0.02 dB

Spectrum Analyzer

Channels: Single channel
Frequency Range: 100 KHz to 1.6 GHz
  Tunable in 2 Hz increments
Readout Accuracy: ± (C.F. x 5 x 10e-8 + RBW accuracy + 103 Hz)
Frequency Stability: 3 x 10e-10 Hz / 100 ms
Phase Noise: < 87 dBc/Hz @ 30 KHz offset
Resolution BW Range: 300 Hz to 3 MHz
RBW Accuracy: 20% of RBW
Selectivity 60 dB/3 dB: 15:1, 4 section filter
Video Bandwidth Range: 3 Hz to 3 MHz
Points per Sweep: 350 to 10000
Step Time: < 120 µS
Power Range: -120 dBm to +20 dBm
Maximum Power (CW): +20 dBm
Display Range: 1 to 10 dB/div
Absolute Level Accy: ± 0.5 dB
Freq. Response Accy: ± 1.0 dB
Switching Uncertainty: ± 0.5 dB
Attenuator Range: 0 to 60 dB in 1 dB steps
Gain Compression (1 dB): -10 dBm
Average Noise Level: < -120 dBm
Input Impedance: 50 Ohms

Blower Assembly

Flow Rate: 70 cfm @ 0" water, 160 cfm
@ 3 water
Monitor: 3 (temperature, pressure, rate)


Type: Patch panel (options available)
Signal Pins: 1768
Coax Pins: 308
BRAT Option B35E Missile Electronics Test SystemB35E