BRAT Option B514A

Improved High-Performance Display Analysis System

The BRAT Option B514A HUD Analysis System, when coupled to a fully configured BRAT System with an ATTI Programmable Video Generator, provides a complete HUD Electro-Optical Test solution. This is the most versatile and highest performance display generation and analysis system presently available. This hybrid configuration offers high speed (a complex symbol can be analyzed in 1/10 second), extraordinary precision (all display elements can be measured to 1/1000 inch or even 100 micro inches and characterized in two-dimensional or three-dimensional coordinates), and unique versatility. Any display that can be viewed by the human eye is analyzable - direct view CRT, Head Up Display, projection CRT, holographic imaging, laser scanned imaging, LCD, LED, and even the printed page. The E-O Bench system works as a 'precision eye'. It exceeds the performance of the actual eye by a comfortable metrological factor without imposing any limitations on the display being analyzed. Photometric measurements extend from less than 1 foot Lambert to more than 20,000 foot Lamberts. Tristimulus colorimetry is available as an option. Automatic focus is a standard feature. Fully automated, complex test procedures are quickly accomplished through easy interface with the user's test control computer.

Part Number



02300520-10 Monitor Case Assembly 1
02300521-10 Controller Case Assembly 1
02300523-10 Video Case Assembly 1
02300531-10 Transport/Camera Case Assembly 1
02300532-10 Boresight Bench Case Assembly 1
02300533-10 Reference Tool Case Assembly 1
02300534-10 Accessory 1 Case Assembly 1
02300535-10 Accessory 2 Case Assembly 1
BRAT Option B514A HUD Analysis SystemB514A