BRAT Option B520 Comm/Nav Test System

Part Number



96000021-01 1 KW Programmable Power Supply 1
01000503-01 Audio Demodulator (Spectrum Analyzer) 1
01000503-03 Audio Demodulator (Accessory Module) 1
94000104-10 RF Interface Unit (RFIU) Mainframe 1
94000279-270 Microcontroller CCA (BRAT 520) 1
03000003-01 Output Switch Module 1

Options Available for the BRAT Option B520

Option B520-100 (Requires BRAT Option B520)
01000501-01 Signal Generator 1
01000502-01 Navigation Support Instrument 1
03000004-01 Measurement Switch Module 1
03000005-10 Noise Figure Meter with Noise Source 1
Option B520-200 (Requires BRAT Option B520 and Option B520-100)
01000500-01 Dual-Channel Satellite Simulator 1
Option B520-300
Option B520-300 for the BRAT Option B520 converts the Test System to the transportable version.
Option B520-400
The JTIDS TACAN B520 is an option to the BRAT Test System utilizing Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) equipment. The system is used to augment the existing BRAT capabilities to test communication and navigation equipment. This suite of instrumentation is especially suited to test TACAN and other military navigation and communication equipment.
RFIU Modules
07040313-50 RF Controller 1
01001523-10 Comm/Nav I/O Module 1
92103987-01 VXI Mainframe 1
92105233-01 VXI-MXI-3 Command Module 1
07030001-10 Z50 Digital VXI Module 4
Rack Mount
01001522-01 TACAN/Transponder/Interrogator 1
01001521-01 Communications Test Set 1
BRAT Option B520-100 Comm/Nav Test SystemB520-100
BRAT Option B520-400 Comm/Nav Test SystemB520-400