BRAT 67 PXI Test System

PXI Test Systems are capable of replacing a wide assortment of analog and digital hand-held and desktop instrumentation. These test instruments are packaged in a small chassis that will fit on most technicians' desktops. The instruments may be used either manually with software panels or under program control with support for several modern programming languages.

The BRAT 67 PXI Test System is a basic analog test system that consists of a DMM, counter timer, arbitrary function generator, and oscilloscope. The system may be augmented with a complement of optional digital instruments that consists of a 64-bit bidirectional digital word generator, a MIL-1553 serial bus tester, static digital latch, and four independent DC supplies.

The computer consists of an embedded PXI controller mounted in slot 1 of an 18-slot PXI chassis. The computer interfaces with a flat screen monitor, a keyboard, and a mouse. The controller has a built-in hard drive and latest version of the Intel system CPU. Connectors are mounted on the front of the controller to provide: a LAN port, 2 USB ports, 2 RS-232 ports, an EPP parallel port, an IEEE-488 port, and the keyboard, monitor, and mouse peripheral ports. Windows® and choice of operational software are preloaded on the system.

Part Number



05201001-01 PXI 18-Slot Chassis 1
05201002-01 PXI Embedded Controller 1
05201003-01 PXI 6 1/2-Digit Digital Multimeter 1
05201004-01 PXI Counter Timer 1
05201005-01 PXI Arbitrary Function Generator 1
05201006-01 PXI 2-Channel, 200 MHz Oscilloscope 1
11067RT Runtime Software for BRAT 67

Options Available for the BRAT 67

Option 67-100 Option 100 - Digital for the BRAT 67
05201007-01 PXI 32-Bit Dynamic Digital 2
05201008-01 PXI 48-Bit Digital Latch 1
05201009-01 PXI 1553 Bus Analyzer 1
05201010-01 PXI Dual DC Power Supply 2
11067/100RT Runtime Software for BRAT 67 Option 100
BRAT 67 PXI Test SystemBRAT 67
(Shown with Option 67-100)