BRAT 70 PXI Test System

PXI Test Systems are capable of replacing a wide assortment of analog and digital hand-held and desktop instrumentation. These test instruments are packaged in a small chassis that will fit on most technicians' desktops. The instruments may be used either manually with software panels or under program control with support for several modern programming languages.

The BRAT 70, part of the BRAT family of PXI testers, is a portable version of the PXI Test System. The BRAT 70 has a built-in 15-inch XGA LCD touch screen display with an integrated fold-down keyboard with track pad. The system contains eight peripheral slots for PXI instruments. In addition, each chassis contains two 175 Watt plug-in power supplies that can be hot-swapped for mobile applications.

The synchro/resolver test system consists of a DMM, a switching interface card, a synchro/resolver measurement, and a synchro/resolver simulator in an 8-slot chassis.

System software is available in either TCASE or LabVIEW™ which operate under Windows® application.

Part Number



05201013-01 Portable PXI 8-Slot Chassis 1
05201003-01 PXI 6 1/2-Digit Digital Multimeter 1
05201016-01 PXI Switching Interface Card 1
05201014-01 PXI Synchro/Resolver Measurement 1
05201015-01 PXI Synchro/Resolver Simulator 1
11070RT Runtime Software for BRAT 70
BRAT 70 PXI Test SystemBRAT 70