BRAT 90 VXI Test System

The BRAT 90, part of the BRAT family of VXI testers, is a portable ruggedized test system. The BRAT 90 has a built-in 15-inch LCD screen and a slide-out keyboard with track pad. The system contains four slots for VXI instruments and 3-unit height for rack mount equipment.

The synchro/resolver test system consists of a DMM, a 32-channel switching card, a vector volt meter, and a precision synchro/resolver simulator & measurement device.

Part Number



93000506-01 32-Channel, 5 A, Form C Switch 1
92103986-01 VXI Mainframe Command Module 1
92103860-03 6 1/2-Digit High-Accuracy Multimeter 1
05201073-01 VXI Vector Volt Meter 1
02300530-01 C-Size VXI Mainframe - 4 Slots 1
92103855-05 Synchro/Resolver Simulator & Measurement 1
04000009-10 Rack Mount Computer 1
11090RT Runtime Software for BRAT 90
BRAT 90 VXI Test SystemBRAT 90