Flight Line Phase Noise Tester (FLNT) for Radar Systems


  • The integrated components of the FLNT automatically make the required phase noise measurements, determine pass/fail, and display the results on the computer.
  • ATTI’s Flight Line Tester can test LRUs to the required Phase Noise Levels.
  • LRUs can be tested on the aircraft, or in a back-shop.
  • Failing LRUs can be sent for repair with accurate identification of the fault.

Phase Noise Test Requirements

  • Elevated phase noise reduces Doppler radar system target detection.
    • Reference paper published at the Military Sensing Symposium Tri-Services Radar, July 2014 detailed the impact of phase noise on target detection: “Modeling the Effect of Phase Noise on Pulse Doppler Radar Target Detection”.
  • Modeled results confirm that even small increases in phase noise have significant impact on target detection.
  • ATTI is in development of a diagnostic tool based on the video technique that:
    • Acquires test point data coincident with performance testing
    • Uses an automated signal capture and bounds check to validate diagnostic waveform criteria
    • Utilizes fault signatures for the isolation of failed components
    • Continuously improves the diagnostic callouts based on actual test and effective repair experience

US Patents:

Flight Line Noise Tester

Phase Noise Measurement System and Method

Low Phase Noise RF Signal Generating System And Phase Noise Measurement Calibrating Method

Flight Line Phase Noise Tester (FLNT)Flight Line Phase Noise Tester