Ancillary Equipment

Ancillary Equipment is used in support of LRU and SRU ITAs and ATE equipment.

This group consists of nine levels of equipment ranging from Complexity 1 to Complexity 9, with level 9 the most complex. Within each complexity, nine additional subcomplexity levels exist.

Example: Ancillary Equipment- Complexity 1.0 to 1.9

Part Number Description
20205001-10 Handheld Microwave Combination Analyzer (See Note 1)
20205002-10 Signal and Spectrum Analyzer (See Note 2)
20205003-10 Microwave Signal Generator (See Note 3)
20214000-01 Vector Signal Generator (See Note 4)

Note 1: Includes VNA Transmission/ Reflection, Full 2-Ports S-Parameters, Spectrum Analyzer, Pre-amplifier, Interference Analyzer and Spectrogram, GPS Receiver,
Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer (RTSA), Analog Demodulation, Indoor and Outdoor Mapping, Coaxial Adapters and Electronic Calibration (ECal) Module

Note 2: Includes Preamplifier, LO/IF Connections for External Mixer, Real Time Spectrum Analyzer, I/Q Memory Extension, Resolution Bandwidth, Pulse Measurement, Analog Modulation Analysis (AM/FM/PM), Vector Signal Analysis, Transient Measurement Application, Transient Chirp Measurement, Transient Hop Measurement, Harmonic Mixers, Horn Antenna and Adapter

Note 3: Includes Frequency Extension, Touch Display, High Power Output, Ultra-High Output Power, High Performance Pulse Modulator, Pulse Generator, Multifunction Generator, AM/FM/PM, Ramp Sweep, Remote Control GPIB and USB, Rack Adapter, Test Port Adapters and Mixers

Note 4: Includes Frequency Range: 110 kHz to 20 GHz for RF path, Signal routing and baseband main module, two I/Q paths to RF section, Qty (2) Baseband generator with realtime coder and ARB, Qty (2) Baseband extension to 160 MHz RF bandwidth, Multifunction Generator, AM/FM/ PhiM, Qty (2) Additional white Gaussian noise