Auxiliary Hardware

Part Number Description
00002004‑30 Monitor Assembly
02200127-01 Pitot Adapter
Used to connect the BRAT B511 Air Data Test Set to the 1C-130-A/B aircraft pitot tube (G-model tube)
02200128-01 Static Adapter
Used to connect the BRAT B511 Air Data Test Set static line to the 1C-130-A/B aircraft static vent (flush mounted)
02200134-01 1/8 HP Compressor
Supplies up to 50 psi of air
02300504-01 Dash Cable
Interface between controller and camera
02300508-01 Combination HUD Fixture/Alignment Tool
Used to align system before testing HUD
02300509-01 Light Shroud
02300515-01 Boresight Bench
Used to mount HUD
02300518-01 Black and White Monitor
02300522-10 Transport/Camera Assembly
Mounts on Boresight Bench (P/N 02300515-01)
04000041-01 Rack Assembly
04000042-01 Rack Assembly
05300003-10 TACAN Programmed Integrated Circuit
08020102-10 Power Control Unit
TPS compatible replacement instrument for obsolete ESTS instrument Power Control Unit
  • Input volt range: 103 to 129 V rms
  • Input frequency range: 47.5 to 440 Hz
  • Single phase feed
20213001-01 32 GHz FieldFox Microwave Spectrum Analyzer
With Remote Control Capability, USB Power Sensor Measurements Versus Frequency, USB Power Sensor Support, DC Bias Variable-Voltage Source, Built-In Power Meter, and ANSI Z540-1-1994 Calibration
92103563-10 Benchtop Assembly
92103594-30 Computer w/o Monitor
92103974-10 Electronic Load Kit
Cabling and connectors to handle signals above 15 A for up to 4 electronic load modules
92104000-70 Refurbished BRAT Control Assembly
92104001-01 Printer
92104011-01 17" Monitor
92104100-10 Extractor Tool (minimum 2)
92105237-01 18.1" LCD Monitor
93000042-01 400 Hz Three-Phase Power Conditioner and Distribution Box
Rack mountable
94000292-70 Accessory Assembly
  • A modified drawer specifically designed for the BRAT B512
  • Stores accessories such as RF adapters and tools used for connecting and disconnecting the RFIU modules
94000753-10 Storage Drawer Assembly
94000901-01 2000 VA Uninterruptable Power Supply
2 battery packs
94000902-01 Battery Pack for 94000901-01
94100243-01 Female Quick-Disconnect Connector (180 Pins)
94100312-30 Transportable Computer w/o Monitor
94100378-10 Table Assembly
94100548-01 IDE Hot Swap Tray
94100550-01 IDE Hot Swap Tray - Solenoid Lock Option
94100562-01 Hard Disk Drive
94101001-03 Keyboard with Touchpad
94101239-10 BRAT-Ready Replacement Hard Drive
(for licensees only)
BRAT controller-compatible hard drive preloaded with a purchased BRAT software upgrade (P/N 3105SU-1, or P/N 3105SU-2, or P/N 3105SU-3)
95000021-01 Rack Mountable Programmable Loads
  • 6 loads per chassis, can be paralleled
  • 60 A, 450 V, 300 W
  • Constant current
  • Constant resistance
  • Short circuit
  • Pulsed loading
95000030-01 Quick Disconnect High Density Interface
  • Modular Connector System
    • 380 signal pins per module
    • 220 signal pins and 24 power pins per module
    • 220 signal pins and 24 coaxial pins per module
  • High Current Capability
    • 20 A - power pins
    • 3 A - signal pins
  • High Frequency Capability
    • 2 GHz - coaxial pins
95000039-01 Mobile Work Surface
Features extra large 14-gauge steel top with antistatic work surface and ESD mat. Rugged 16-gauge sides and all welded steel construction ensure added strength and long life. Provides keyed handle lock storage compartments for holding fixtures, adapters, and tools. Contains locking wheel casters with 4000 lb. capacity. Optional convenience outlets, cooling fans, and cooling fixtures.
95650071-03 Rack Mount Keyboard
95650132-10 Rack Mount Computer Assembly
  • Stand-alone personal computer
  • Operates at a minimum 66 MHz
  • Interfaces to the instrument modules via IEEE-488 bus
  • MS-DOS and Windows® based computer with a minimum of 16 MB of RAM, 1 GB of hard disk memory, and a 1.4 MB 3-1/2 inch floppy disk drive
95650132-50 Rack Mount Computer Assembly
95650140-10 Rack Mount Monitor
95650140-50 Rack Mount Monitor Assembly
95650702-01 Laser Jet Printer
95650704-01 Rack Mount Computer
95650705-01 Rack Mount Keyboard
96000015-01 Current Sharing Power Supply
Provides additional 5 V current for high power VXI chassis requirements
96000015-03 AC Current Sharing Power Supply
Provides additional 5 V current for high power VXI chassis requirements
96301002-01 30 dB Attenuator (DC-3000 MHz)
96648302-10 Differential Driver CCA
96740956‑110 High Frequency Probe Kit
Contains a high frequency probe, oscilloscope probes, and a DMM probe as well as test leads, DIP clips, and assorted test accessories
99000328-10 Rack Mount LCD Keyboard and 18.1" Monitor
AVS Advanced Video System Board Assembly
  • Multi-format video display generator and video image acquisition/analyzer system
  • Display generator supports composite video with any sync format, rectilinear and polar raster, multi-image interactive stroke, and mixed video (stroke over composite or stroke over raster)
  • Acquisition/analyzer supports all video formats and sync processor/analyzer functions
BRATNET SERV BRATNet Server Application
Web-based BRATNet server for up to 10 users
(software only)
CU-101 Multimedia/NT Computer
  • DVD
  • CD-ROM rewrite
  • Removable hard drive
  • Zip drive
  • Ethernet card
  • NT software
DAC DAC/Utility Switch Board Assembly
  • 8 Digital/Analog Converters (DACs) function as DC reference generators
  • 32 Form C relays used for utility switching
VI Virtual Instrument Board Assembly
Card can be configured to function as:
  • Single-channel arbitrary function generator that supports standard (sine, triangle, square, pulsed DC, DC) and user defined custom waveshapes up to 25 MHz
  • 2-channel digitizer with 12-bit or 8-bit amplitude sampling accuracy up to 100 MHz
  • 2-channel counter/timer that supports standard functions (frequency, period/period average, PRF, time interval, rise/fall time) measurements from DC to 100 MHz