Enhanced VXI Programmable Video Generator and Analyzer

Composite, Raster, Stroke, HDMI, DVI, SDI, Embedded Display Port, and Image Capture and Analysis Options

ENVID-GEN 510 Single Slot VXI Card
ENVID-GEN 510 Single slot VXI card (analog video functions only)


Analog Video

Standards and Formats Supported
  • Composite Video: Formats up to 2k x 2k - RS170, RS330, RS343, NTSC, S-Video, STANAG 3350, VESA support to 120 MHz
  • Raster/Stroke: Custom formats
  • Parallel Digital/LVDS: Flat panel support to 65 MHz
Video Types/Modes Supported
  • Composite RGB video generation and acquisition
  • NTSC video/S-video generation and acquisition
  • Raster video generation and acquisition
  • Polar raster video generation and acquisition
  • Mixed video generation (stroke over composite/raster)
  • Stroke video generation and acquisition
  • Comprehensive support for nonstandard video formats including Maverick AGM-65 and others

Digital Video

Standards and Formats Supported
  • DVI, HDMI: VESA to 1600 x 1200, SD/HD to 1080p, EDID 2.0, EIA/CEA-861
  • SDI - Copper (optical optional): SD-SDI (SMPTE 259C), HD-SDI (SMPTE 292), 3G-SDI (SMPTE 424), Ancillary data - SMPTE/MISB
  • DisplayPort: DP v1.2a to 1600 x 1200
Video Types/Modes Supported
  • Parallel digital (flat panel) generation and acquisition
  • LVDS generation and acquisition
  • DVI generation and acquisition
  • HDMI generation and acquisition
  • DisplayPort generation and acquisition, with support for embedded DisplayPort
  • SDI (3G, HD, SD) generation/acquisition
  • Full EDID processing functionality

Form Factors

ENVID-GEN 508/ENVID GEN 515 With Option 3
ENVID GEN-510 Two slot VXI card (analog + digital video functions)
(Shown with Option 3)
ENVID GEN-515: Rack mountable 3U version with ENVID GEN-510 analog + digital capabilities


  • Integrated software tool environment with powerful features including GUI-based ePVGA operation, automatic C-code or macro generation, stand-alone test sequencer, expanded video imaging analysis with oscilloscope-like waveform viewing, and electronic template comparison for complete imaging verification
  • High accuracy automatic run time alignment of all analog parameters with remote sense capabilities
  • Sophisticated control structure provides the ability to simulate dynamic and interactive displays
  • Straightforward interfacing with complex UUTs such as HUDs and MPDs/MFDs
  • Dual configuration analog outputs and digital I/O (differential, single-ended)
  • Secondary composite video generation with differential high voltage outputs
  • Captured video information available as Raw or BMP/JPG file types (still) or AVI (continuous)
  • Voltage and timing analysis measurements for composite video
  • Parallel digital video capture resolution (24 bit)
  • Continuous near real-time video acquisition image redisplay via host PC monitor
  • Expanded I/O suite of signals - two standard digital 100-pin connectors and one 44-pin D-Sub 150 Ohm differential I/O connector
  • General purpose user programmable timing signals for UUT synchronization
  • VXI Plug & Play compatible
  • Multiple DoD ATS standards compliance
  • Built-in test

ePVGA Overview

The ePVGA series of video test instruments from Advanced Testing Technologies, Inc. provide a suite of many diverse independent video modules within a single VXI instrument offering a comprehensive solution set for video generation and acquisition requirements in a challenging UUT test environment.

The Enhanced Programmable Video Generator and Analyzers (ePVGA) are fifth generation video instruments providing unparalleled coverage to new and legacy video requirements. The first generation PVGA (502) garnered multinational acceptance and is successfully supporting the B-1B, F-15, C-17, Eurofighter, T-50, MQ-1/9 and other diverse military platforms. As the successor to the legacy VID GEN-502 instrument, the ENVID GEN-510 has full backwards compatibility with existing 502 software applications and incorporates new and useful features.

The ePVGA is a multi-format video generator and multi-format video acquisition device supporting RGB composite video, NTSC, stroke video (XYZ), mixed video (composite/raster and stroke interleaved), and raster scan (XYZ) video (unmodulated or modulated). Captured video may be redisplayed on the host computer's monitor with the Video Redisplay Tool (ENVID GEN-510 Option 7), redisplayed as SVGA video, or saved to a file for external analysis. With available options, support is available for LVDS, DVI, HDMI, SDI and DisplayPort digital generation and acquisition formats.

The self-sufficient ePVGA represents a lower cost of ownership compared with a la carte generic instrumentation, such as arbitrary waveform generators, by eliminating complex synchronization and signal switching between instruments, integration of software interfaces from multiple vendors, and ancillary signal sources. Reduced nonrecurring development man-hours directly provide the benefit of shorter TPS development times and lower costs. The new ePVGA integrated software tool environment also supports the goal of shorter TPS development times.

With video instrument obsolescence issues arising, careful attention was given to supporting legacy military video requirements, making the ePVGA an excellent replacement candidate. The availability of digital video generation makes the ePVGA an excellent candidate for new state-of-the-art platforms. The ePVGA is resident on Army NGATS and Air Force VDATS testers.

The Enhanced VXI Programmable Video Generator and Analyzer is protected by one or more of the following patents: 6396536, 6502045, 7180477, 7253792, 7289159, 7495674, 7768533, 7978218, 8131529, 8356282, 8489381, 8497908, 8655617, 8648869, 8643725, 8782558, 8788228, 8817109, 8817110, 8860759.