TPS Terms and Conditions

TPS Terms and Conditions Overview

Price for TPS includes two (2) Program and Technical reviews and acceptance to be held at ATTI facility. Price includes TPS installation and checkout at one designated Buyer's facility. Conus only, non-conus travel and per diem extra.

TPS Complexity is based upon the UUT technical evaluation using furnished data. Estimates of TPS Complexity and completion do not include reverse engineering of TPS requirements. The Buyer must provide complete technical data (Technical Order, Schematics, Test Procedures, Wire Lists, Parts Lists, and Test Requirements Document).

Buyer Furnished Equipment and Data

The Buyer shall provide two (2) UUTs of each configuration 60 days ARO for the duration of the contract.

The Buyer is responsible for UUT Maintenance and Repair.

The Buyer is responsible to provide UUT data consisting of Schematics, Wire Lists, Test Specifications, and Specification Control Drawings.

The Buyer shall provide the ATE system (BRAT or Non-BRAT) for TPS integration 60 days ARO for the duration of the program. Buyer must provide ATE Users Guide, Programming Manual, Specifications sufficient for TPS development.

Late delivery of Buyer Furnished Equipment and Data will impact cost and delivery. Cost impact will be an additional 4% of the overall TPS cost per month. Schedule delivery will be a month-for-month delay until delivery of the requested Buyer Furnished Equipment and Data is provided.

TPS Acceptance Testing

TPS Acceptance Testing shall be performed at ATTI facilities using ATTI commercial ATP.

Acceptance Testing consists of fault insertion and end-to-end testing. The Buyer shall select five (5) faults per UUT for the fault insertion part of the Acceptance Test.

TPS Documentation

TPS includes ITA Drawings (sufficient for ITA repair), and TPS Test Strategy Report.

Additional Buyer requested data, such as Technical Manuals, Test Requirements Documents, Logistic Support Documentation is not included, and must be separately priced.

TPS Delivery

The following delivery schedule applies:

Complexity 7 - on TPS: up to 36 months
Complexity 4 - 6 TPS: up to 24 months
Complexity 1 - 3 TPS: up to 15 months

Contact ATTI for a description of Complexity Levels.


Additional charges for travel and per diem will be in accordance with the Joint Travel Regulations.

Payment Terms

Milestone Payment Schedule:

Equivalent to 90% of number of months which is calculated as follows:


Period of performance is 24 months - payment schedule would be 1/24 per month of 90% of contract value.

Balance of 10%, which represents a holdback, would be payable upon sell-off.