BRAT Option B511

Air Data Test Set System

B511 Air Data Test System
B511-100 Air Data Test System
B511-400 Air Data Test System

High-Accuracy Pneumatic Tester

The BRAT Option B511 is an option to the BRAT Test System utilizing Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) equipment. The system is used to augment the existing BRAT capabilities to test rate of change of altitude or pressure. Air Data Test Set System is a user-friendly, self-contained, computerized, high-accuracy pressure management system integrated into a compact, stand-alone unit or transportable unit (for flight line use) that does not require any source of shop air or vacuum pumps. BRAT Option B511 can measure an input or control an output pressure and display the results as steady state altitude or air speed, or as rate of change of altitude or air speed. Information for both pressure channels is provided on a color VGA display. There are ten different display screens that provide user information. Results can be displayed in English or Metric. BRAT Option B511 can perform internal self tests, indicating any errors to the operator. The test set can be used to conduct:

  • Dynamic tests
  • Quantitive tests
  • Pneumatic leak tests


Range: Ps: -4000 to 100,000 feet (103.5 inches HgA)
Pt: 20 to 1000 knots
Accuracy: 0.01% FS including linearity, hysteresis, repeatability, and temperature after zeroing at operating temperature
Resolution: Pressure up to 1 ppm
Altitude 0.1 foot
Response Time: Less than 0.2 seconds for FS step with no digital filtering
Warm-Up: Approximately 45 minutes to achieve full accuracy
Zero Drift: 0.01% FS max. 1 week
Span Drift: 0.01% FS max. 90 days
Internal Pump: Direct drive, low noise, permanently lubricated and sealed bearings

Options Available for the BRAT Option B511

Option B511-100 Option 100 for the BRAT Option B511
Converts the Test System to the transportable version
Option B511-200 Option 200 for the BRAT Option B511
Laptop Computer
Option B511-300 Option 300 for the BRAT Option B511
Transportable Computer
Option B511-400 Option 400 for the BRAT Option B511
Converts the Test System to a towable unit