EPVGA Custom Packaging

Rackmount EPVGA
Rackmount EPVGA
Stand Alone Desktop EPVGA
Stand Alone Desktop EPVGA

ePVGA Description

The ATTI Enhanced Programmable Video Generator and Analyzer (ePVGA) Stand Alone/Rack Mount is a true instrument integrating multiple function, multiple output video generation, and video-specific digitizer/analyzer capabilities into a complete general purpose test platform for military or commercial applications. It is housed in a 2U rack-mount chassis for full stand alone capability.

Supports Advanced and Legacy DoD Video Applications in:

  • HUDs
  • Radars
  • MPDs/MFDs
  • Sonars

Aircraft Actively Supported:

  • A-10
  • B-1B
  • B-2
  • C-17
  • F-15
  • MQ-1 Predator
  • MQ-9 Reaper

ePVGA Features

  • Multiple autonomous video functions
  • Compatible with analog and digital video systems
  • Automatic run time alignment of all analog parameters
  • Sophisticated control structure provides the ability to simulate dynamic and interactive displays
  • Continuous video acquisition image redisplay via host PC monitor
  • Straightforward interfacing with complex UUTs such as HUDs and MPDs/MFDs
  • Graphical interface panel with automatic software generation
  • Dual configuration analog outputs and digital I/O (differential, single-ended)
  • NTSC and S-Video video format generation
  • All timing parameters support single pixel resolution
  • Expanded digital video capture resolution (24 bit)
  • Expanded video generation rates (composite to 125 MHz) and Raster/Stroke acquisition rates (to 40 MHz), DVI/HDMI/DisplayPort/SDI (to 162 MHz)
  • Expanded I/O suite of signals - two standard digital 100-pin connectors and one 44-pin D-Sub 150 Ohm differential I/O connector
  • Three additional remote sense pairs
  • Additional user programmable timing signals for UUT synchronization
  • Plug & Play compatible
  • IVI and LXI compatible
  • Multiple DoD ATS Standards Compliance
  • Built-in test
  • New daughter board capability to support future expandability such as DVI and real-time image acquisition redisplay via external monitor

Mode Summary

  • Dual Composite Video Generators
  • Raster Video
  • Modulated Raster Video
  • Stroke Video
  • Mixed Video
  • DVI, HDMI, DisplayPort, HD-SDI Video
  • Video Frame Capture
  • Continuous Capture Redisplay
  • Automatic Image Verification

Interface Options

  • MXI-2
  • IEEE
  • USB
  • LXI
  • MXI Express
  • LAN

ePVGA Summary

In order to meet the requirements of military video testing, all components of the ePVGA were created with the same design philosophy - total flexibility to handle both standard and nonstandard test requirements, and the ability to perform as a standalone unit. The ePVGA is a mature field proven design developed from decades of field experience. The ePVGA has been selected by several major aerospace companies in support of the B-1B, F-15, C-17, Eurofighter, T-50, and Predator/Reaper UAV aircraft. The requirements of these technically diverse systems are met by the ePVGA.

Whether considered as a legacy instrument replacement or for new testing capability, the ePVGA represents tangible and realizable benefits. By leveraging a full set of ancillary outputs, flexible external controls and standalone capability, the customer realizes a significantly higher level of capability, simpler interface test adapters, shorter TPS development times and elimination of the need for supplemental instrumentation. The combination of these advantages translates directly into reduced test development costs making the ePVGA an attractive video testing solution.