BRAT 90 Quick-Start Reconfigurable Automatic Tester

Compact, Efficient Desktop Tester with Customer-Configurable PXI/PXIe Insert

BRAT 90 Quick-Start Reconfigurable Automatic Tester
BRAT 90 Quick-Start Reconfigurable Automatic Tester
  • PXI/PXIe Insert – 8 Slots: 1 Controller, 7 Customer-Configurable PXI/PXIe Slots
  • 4 Fully Programmable DC Power Supplies
  • ODU-MAC Black Line Modular Contact Interface – Signal, Power, Coax
  • Mini ITX Motherboard 8th Generation or Better Intel CPU with Monitor, Full Keyboard, Detached Mouse
  • Quick-Release Top Panel for Easy Maintenance Access

Options Available for the BRAT 90

Software Subject to License Agreement

Option 90-02

BRAT 90 Quick-Start Option 02 - Package the Quick-Start Test System in a Ruggedized 19-Inch Rack-and-Stack Equipment Transit Case.

Option 90-03

BRAT 90 Quick-Start Option 03 - Configure the Quick-Start Test System with the ATTI MIL-STD-1760 Munitions Instrument Suite.

Option 90-04

BRAT 90 Quick-Start Option 04 - Add a 7U Transportable Three Phase Power Supply with Facility Power Distribution and Signal Conditioning Unit.

Option 90-05

BRAT 90 Quick-Start Option 05 - Add a 5U Transportable case to facilitate reconfiguring, upgrading, and adding assets to option 90-03 and option 90-04 to facilitate automation for simultaneous ASI testing and loading. This option also converts the input power to 240 VAC universal single phase from three phase.