RF-1 ATS Test System

RF-1 Build-to-Print Test System
RF-1 ATS Build-to-Print Test System

The RF-1 ATS is an economical Commercial-Off-The Shelf (COTS) build-to-print tester. The test station is compliant with the published drawing package. The system does not include software.

Major Components of the RF-1 ATS:

Reference Number Description Units Per Assembly
200625651‑10 RF-1 Associated Hardware 1
200626054‑10 RF Switching 1
200625636‑10 Main RF Amplifier 1
200626063 Spectrum Analyzer 1
200626065‑10 RF Signal Generator #1 1
200626068 Frequency Distribution Amplifier 1
200626072‑10 Vector Network Analyzer 1
200626075‑10 RF Signal Generator #2 1
200626078‑10 Scalar Network Analyzer 1
200626081‑10 Power Meter and Microwave Counter 1
200626193 Noise Source 1


Options Available for the DA-1 ATS

Option 1 Self Test (Requires Customer Software)
Option 2 Calibration (Requires Customer Software)
Option 3 Customer Logo Silkscreen (Provided Upon Customer Request)