• Parallel Testing Using Automated Waveform Technology
  • Obsolescence Mitigation replacements
  • Flight Line Phase Noise Tester (FLNT)
  • Enhanced Video Systems
  • Mass Interconnect Products
  • MMS 70340A OMR RF Source
  • PXI Insert
  • Video Multiplexer- Video Distribution
PADS Tester

Parallel Testing Using Automated Waveform Technology

Parallel Automated Development System (PADS). ATTI's parallel test system is the most efficient functional test system available.

BRAT 307

Obsolescence Mitigation Replacements

Obsolescence Mitigation Replacements (OMR) are specifically designed to support the requirements of the entire BRAT family of testers.

Flight Line Phase Noise Tester

Flight Line Phase Noise Tester (FLNT)

The integrated components of the FLNT automatically make the required phase noise measurements, determine pass/fail, and display the results on the computer.

Enhanced Video Systems

Enhanced Video Systems

The Enhanced Programmable Video Generator and Analyzer (PVGA) provides the user with a highly flexible video test instrument. VXI, rackmount, and handheld options available.

Mass Connect Patch Panel

Mass Interconnect Products

Reconfigurable, modular mass inter-
connect panel (MIP). Can be config-
ured to include: coax, CTI, hyperboloid, and RFI signal pin connectors. Compli-
ant with IEEE-1505.3, VP-90, Navy, CASS, and SCOUT product lines.

MMS 70340A/70341A OMR RF Source

MMS 70340A/70341A OMR RF Source

Four slot MMS system provides the source capabilities necessary to meet BRAT replacement requirements. Utilizes ATTI slot-0 service to enable remote programming.

PXI Insert

PXI/PXIe Insert

The PXI/PXIe Insert is a scalable chassis designed to be mounted in a standard VXI or MMS chassis allowing the user to modernize existing equipment with PXI/PXIe instrument modules in a Form Fit Function replacement solution.

Video Multiplexer/Video Distribution

Video Multiplexer/Video Distribution

Video Multiplexer is a 16 Input, 1 Output HDMI/DVI multiplexer. Video Distribution Amplifier is a 2 input, 16 output HDMI/DVI video distribution amplifier.

Printed Wiring Board Connector

Printed Wiring Board Products

Customized variants of ATTI standard PWB products and cable designs for our IEEE-1505 interfaces. Mass interconnect system allows these boards to be loaded from front or outside of a system and ITA.

Z50 Circuit Card Assembly

Z50 Circuit Card Assembly

A 50 MHz Digital Word Generator (DWG) that executes diagnostic and/or functional test sequences in a standard VXI chassis. Designed to replace obsolete HP D20 and Interface Technology SR Series.

Micro Controller Circuit Card

Micro Controller

Micro Controller eliminates overhead of the VISA layer and the throughput bottleneck of the associated systems.

Hand Held Video Tester

Hand Held Video Tester

The Hand Held Video Tester is our world class video hardware and VIDSoft suite integrated to a micro PC via ATTI's slot-0 service.