TCase Software


TCASE software is exclusively distributed by ATTI

  • Our patented TPS Obsolescence Mitigation™ technology isolates your test system from your test program, protecting your investments and capabilities from being rendered useless.
  • Simplify your life and streamline your product test development time. Great environment to quickly develop support for bank/ATM systems, consumer electronics, closed circuit TV systems, industrial controls, aviation electronics, laboratory and university testing.
  • TCASE allows you to integrate and automate any class or type of command and control based instrumentation available today.
    • Using TCASE you can immediately begin generating seamless Windows® based transportable test code to control and validate your products in a user-friendly environment without the complicated overhead of competing products.
  • The TBASIC language is ideal for creating custom automatic test solutions providing easy means to encapsulate and reuse old programs
  • Toolsets are available to convert legacy program languages into TCASE constructs.
  • Fully supports industry standards such as VISA, VPP, IVI, and the ATML initiatives.

In the increasingly complex world of technology, shouldn’t satisfying your test requirements be achievable without relying on a staff of software experts?