Communication/Navigation Instruments

Dual-Channel Satellite Simulator

  • Low noise RF output from -158 to -88 dBm
  • Simulation of any GPS (NAVSTAR or GLONASS satellite)
  • User uploadable NAV data with dynamic z-count for exact satellite simulation
  • User control of Doppler velocity, acceleration, and jerk
  • Outputs C/A code, code chip clock, epoch sync, NAV data, and NAV data clock
  • Complete technical manual provided with calibration and maintenance procedures
  • Full remote control via available LabVIEW™ driver
  • Provision for external frequency reference
  • Single-channel or dual-channel models available
  • Input power: 100 to 130 Vac, 200 to 250 Vac, 47 to 63 Hz
  • Rack mountable

Signal Generator

  • Avionics modes supported: VOR, LOC, GS, MB, COMM, SELCAL, ADF
  • Rear panel video
  • Front panel control of video level for use with NAV converters
  • Front panel store and recall: 49 setups per mode, 294 total
  • Digital Signal Processing (DSP) assures stability and accuracy
  • IEEE-488 interface standard - full bus control of all features
  • FCC Type Accepted - for use in free radiation
  • Output power range: -120 to +7 dBm
  • Rack mountable

Navigation Support Instrument

  • ATCRBS and Mode S Transponders
    • Transmission and reception of Mode S Extended Length Messages (ELM)
    • Transmission and reception of Comm-C and Comm-D Datalink Messages
    • 2 transmit channels for top and bottom antenna diversity testing
    • Ability to simulate any Mode A, C, S, and Intermode Interrogation
    • Ability to measure all key reply parameters: Pulse Timing, Power, Frequency, % Reply, Squitter, etc.
  • Distance Measuring Equipment
    • Ground Station Simulation
    • Velocity to 10,000 knots
    • Distance to 400 nmi
    • Ability to measure all key RF parameters and vary reply pulse parameters
  • Power requirements: 93 to 264 Vac, 45 to 440 Hz
  • IFF and TACAN
  • Rack mountable

Audio Demodulator (Spectrum Analyzer)

  • 250 KHz to 1 GHz RF generator
  • Duplex operation
  • 250 KHz to 1 GHz receiver
  • 10 Hz to 40 KHz AF generator
  • 250 KHz to 1 GHz spectrum analyzer
  • 1 MHz oscilloscope
  • 10 Hz to 40 KHz AF counter
  • Digital data generator
  • 250 KHz to 1 GHz RF counter
  • Rack mountable

Audio Demodulator (Accessory Module)

  • Same description as 01000503-01
  • Adds VHF and SATCOM testing capabilities, including Have Quick spread spectrum options

Measurement Switch Module

  • Routes UUT or communication/navigation generated signals to the specified test instrument for the purpose of measuring the signals or UUT being evaluated
  • Some signal conditioning circuitry and self test circuitry is also included in this module to support self testing of specific signals under test

Noise Figure Meter with Noise Source

  • Used to measure noise figures on communications receivers, components, etc.
  • Provides a NIST traceable excess noise level such that the noise figure meter is calibrated at the system level