Part Number Description
WCAL BRAT Calibration of Calibration Instruments Warranty
WENVID GEN-510-1 Extended Warranty for ENVID-GEN-510, 1 Year
WENVID GEN-510-2 Extended Warranty for ENVID-GEN-510, 2 Years
WENVID GEN-510-3 Extended Warranty for ENVID-GEN-510, 3 Years
WENVID GEN-510 OPT 3-1 Extended Warranty for ENVID-GEN-510 OPT 3, 1 Year
WENVID GEN-510 OPT 3-2 Extended Warranty for ENVID-GEN-510 OPT 3, 2 Years
WENVID GEN-510 OPT 3-3 Extended Warranty for ENVID-GEN-510 OPT 3, 3 Years

BRAT Equipment Unconditional Warranty

ATTI warrants that all equipment delivered shall be free from defects in materials and workmanship. ATTI shall, for a period of 6 months from the date of delivery, repair, correct, or replace any equipment which proves to be defective.

ATTI has the option to repair the equipment at the customer's facility, ATTI's facility, or at a third party facility. All shipping charges for returning the unit to ATTI are not included. ATTI will pay the shipping charges for the return of the repaired item.

This warranty is voided if unauthorized modifications to the equipment hardware or software are performed.