Flight Line Phase Noise Tester (FLNT) for Radar Systems

Flight Line Phase Noise Tester
Flight Line Phase Noise Tester


  • The integrated components of the FLNT automatically make the required phase noise measurements, determine pass/fail, and display the results on the computer.
  • ATTI’s Flight Line Tester can test LRUs to the required Phase Noise Levels.
  • LRUs can be tested on the aircraft, or in a back-shop.
  • Failing LRUs can be sent for repair with accurate identification of the fault.

Phase Noise Test Requirements

  • Elevated phase noise reduces Doppler radar system target detection.
    • Reference paper published at the Military Sensing Symposium Tri-Services Radar, July 2014 detailed the impact of phase noise on target detection: “Modeling the Effect of Phase Noise on Pulse Doppler Radar Target Detection”.
  • Modeled results confirm that even small increases in phase noise have significant impact on target detection.
  • ATTI is in development of a diagnostic tool based on the video technique that:
    • Acquires test point data coincident with performance testing
    • Uses an automated signal capture and bounds check to validate diagnostic waveform criteria
    • Utilizes fault signatures for the isolation of failed components
    • Continuously improves the diagnostic callouts based on actual test and effective repair experience

US Patents:

Flight Line Noise Tester

Phase Noise Measurement System and Method

Low Phase Noise RF Signal Generating System And Phase Noise Measurement Calibrating Method