Video Redisplay Tool

Software for ePVGA Family of Instruments (available as part of Option 7)

Video Redisplay Sample

Full Spectrum Video Redisplay

Transforms All EPVGAs Into a Virtual Display Monitor for the Presentation of any UUT Video Image

  • B/W Composite Video
  • RGB Composite Video
  • FLIR Video
  • LVDS Video
  • Raster XYZ Video
  • Stroke XYZ Video
  • DVI Video
  • HDMI Video
  • DisplayPort
  • HD-SDI Video

Continuous Near Real Time Image Reconstruction

The ATTI Video Redisplay Tool (VRT) is a standard program that interfaces directly with the ATTI Enhanced VXI Programmable Video Generator and Analyzer. In normal operation, the PVGA functions as a highly flexible video frame grabber with operational modes that support a broad range of video formats. The Video Redisplay Tool serves as an extension to the capabilities of the video frame grabber by adding a graphical interface, continuous near real time image reconstruction, image enhancement, and visual redisplay on the host computer’s monitor. By utilizing assets already present on the testing platform, the physical requirement for an external display unit to monitor signals generated by the instrumentation under test is eliminated. The PVGA and VRT combine to form a complete solution set for the generation and acquisition of video signals within the confines of a single VXI instrument.


  • Upgrades all PVGA capture modes to continuous operation with near real time display on the host PC monitor
  • Simple to operate – turnkey operation
  • VXI Plug & Play compatible - automatic VXI scan and recognition of all installed PVGA units
  • Adjustable display enhancements to optimize image viewing (brightness, gamma, clipping, palette inversion)
  • Up to 8X image magnification or 4X image reduction
  • Frame averaging capability to reduce image noise
  • Still image or motion video archive capability (BMP, JPEG, TIF, MPEG)
  • Grid overlays and cursor XY tracking indicate the positional accuracy of image components
  • Color or B/W palette selection
  • Continuous or finite frame count captures
  • Programmable viewing template size and position
Actual RGB Composite Video Capture


The ATTI Video Redisplay Tool expands upon the power of the ATTI Programmable Video Generator and Analyzer by providing value-added features previously unavailable in the VXI form factor. The ATTI PVGA is a true VXI instrument integrating multiple function, multiple output video generation, and video-specific digitizer/analyzer capabilities into a complete general purpose test platform for military or commercial applications. The capacity of the PVGA to operate with nonstandard military video variants is unsurpassed, both in the generation and analysis modes of operation. The PVGA acquisition unit is capable of capturing the following video modes:

  1. Composite Video (1 wire (B/W) analog)
  2. Composite Video (3 wire (RGB) analog)
  3. Composite Video (digital - 16M colors: 3 channels, 8 bits per channel)
  4. Raster Video (3 wire - scanned XYZ)
  5. Stroke Video (3 wire - direct XYZ)
  6. DVI Video
  7. HDMI Video
  8. DisplayPort Video
  9. HD-SDI Video

The software driver for the PVGA provides single-frame capture capability with numerous measurement modes. Once the PVGA has been programmed by the PVGA driver, the Video Redisplay Tool is designed to take direct control of the PVGA and automatically interlace the frame capture sequence with simultaneous data uploads. Upon completion of each data upload, the image is manipulated by the VRT post-processor where it may be enhanced, magnified, or averaged. Finally, the processed image is presented to the operator in a scalable window on the host computer’s monitor.

The benefits of the PVGA-VRT package are several:

  1. The elimination of bulky auxiliary display units (hot mockups) used to present UUT video images
  2. The elimination of all storage, transport, mounting, alignment, and wiring issues associated with auxiliary display units
  3. All video test functionality occupies a single VXI slot
  4. Unlike many commercial instruments, the flexibility of the PVGA-VRT frame acquisition unit allows capture and display operations over an extremely wide range of video standards and variants
Stroke Video Capture


The ATTI Video Redisplay Tool was designed to be a unique and effective software enhancement to the PVGA video test instrument. With no additional hardware requirements, the PVGA is transformed into a virtual imaging monitor capable of viewing a wide range of video standards and variants over a wide range of video formats.

Mode Summary


  • B/W Composite Video Redisplay
  • RGB Composite Video Redisplay
  • LVDS Video Redisplay
  • Raster Video Redisplay
  • Modulated Raster Redisplay
  • Stroke Video Redisplay


  • DVI Video Redisplay
  • HDMI Video Redisplay
  • DisplayPort Video Redisplay
  • SDI Video Redisplay