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Automated Software Development and Maintenance

ATTI strongly believes in an automated approach for the planning, defining, designing, development, and maintenance of information systems through the utilization of integrated computer-aided software engineering (I-CASE) tools. We use highly specialized, automated software to create and maintain information systems and I-CASE tools, as well as restructuring, reverse, and conversion software. We then integrate all these tools to implement efficient automated software development, allowing the re-engineering process to be based upon existing systems, thereby maximizing the economic viability of the system's development process.

Components of ATTI's departmental structure include:

  • Forward Engineering
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Joint Requirement Planning (JRP)
  • Implementation and Training
  • Re-Engineering
  • Rapid Application Development (RAD)
  • Joint Application Design (JAD)
  • Operations and Maintenance

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Data Administration

At ATTI, we look at data administration from the perspective of what the information's meaning and value is to an organization in its entirety, and subsequently devise systems to manage all manual and automated data as a critical corporate resource. Our specialized team provides necessary guidance in meeting specific organizational data administration goals; an approach that results in improved data quality, as well as readily accessible and standardized data which gives you the power to make decisions related to the performance of your corporate mission both timelier and with far greater accuracy.

Specific ATTI data administrations include:

  • Strategic data planning
  • Organizational analysis
  • Data Modeling
  • Education and training
  • Use of I-CASE for support
  • Data administration plan development
  • Policy and standards development
  • Data Inventory
  • Repository Management

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Information Systems

At ATTI, we utilize the concept of Information Engineering to create a supportive, beneficial information environment where data and systems are shared effectively throughout your entire enterprise. Our expert team of information engineers utilizes an integrated set of formal techniques, compiling enterprise models, data models, and process models together in order to create and maintain highly effective computer systems. Then, emphasis is put on user participation and implementation of Integrated Computer-Aided Software Engineering (I-CASE) tools, enabling your company to implement extremely efficient full-life cycle support.

Specific ATTI Information Engineering capabilities include:

  • Information Strategy Planning
  • Enterprise Modeling
  • Data Modeling
  • Joint Requirements Planning
  • Process Modeling
  • Re-Engineering Reverse Engineering
  • Joint Application Design (JAD)
  • Rapid Application Development (RAD)
  • IE Evaluation and Training

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Management and Engineering Services

The consulting team at ATTI is comprised of some of the finest technical, engineering, and computer science minds you'll find anywhere in the world. Each individual is highly respected in their field of specialization, and has the expertise and experience to assist your business in a variety of endeavors.

We take a hands-on approach to consulting, working side-by-side with you to optimize every facet of your operation. In addition to consulting, we can assist in providing extensive product training and concept education.

ATTI's services encompass the following areas:

  • Integrated Logistics
  • Systems Hardware Design and Analysis
  • Acquisition Management for Competitive Programs
  • CAD/CAM Level III Drawing Development
  • Configuration and Data Management
  • Test and Evaluation
  • Documentation and Maintenance Manuals

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Technical Publications

ATTI has a successful decades-long history of providing scientific and technical documentation for a wide variety of clients in government and industry. Our documentation is prepared for publication both in print and on the web. We offer our clients a team of multi-disciplinary scientific and technical writers, illustrators, and information engineering specialists that work together in a highly automated environment.

ATTI's state-of-the-art production procedures, experienced veteran staff and highly qualified technical personnel have significantly improved the quality of our clients' technical publications, dramatically cut turnaround times, and eliminated production backlogs. By initiating the electronic distribution of draft and published materials, we have been able to save our clients thousands of dollars in labor and distribution costs.

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Training and Education

At ATTI we understand that no one approach is appropriate for every student. That's why we offer you a choice of three distinct methods:

Computer-based training

Comprising the most advanced training technology, this approach combines multimedia authoring tools, audio, graphics, photographs, and real-time video to generate training that's extremely motivational.

We gear our program to complement a wide variety of applications, from basic training for popular word processing systems to the operation and maintenance of complex electronic equipment.

Video training

ATTI has devised specialized video training courses utilizing a combination of modularized video segments and a comprehensive student workbook. Using this method, the student views the module, performs the required exercises in the accompanying workbook, and is then tested on his or her knowledge and understanding of the information supplied.

Conventional training

ATTI can assist you in developing training requirement analyses, training plans, course outlines, student and instructor guides, training materials, and whatever additional training tools you deem necessary to meet both military and commercial applications.