PXIe Instrument Interface

For Migrating To PXIe Modular Instruments

PXIe Instrument Interface
PXIe Instrument Interface
(VXI Instrument Interface also available)

Streamline New Development of PXIe Assets

The PXIe instrument interface from ATTI provides a robust building block enabling test engineers to streamline new development of PXIe assets; or to migrate legacy special test equipment to the new PXIe standard. This product was designed to support the integration of special test functions into PXIe assets without intense hardware and software knowledge of both PCIe and PXIe design requirements. This product reduces the risk of PXIe instrument development from your test development or test migration schedule. The ATTI PXIe instrument interface provides ready to use GPIO, I2C, SPI and UART capabilities. The ATTI PXIe evaluation board option includes complete project data for example, a detailed schematic, bill of material and Visual Studio source code. The evaluation board offers functional examples that implement common test and control assets such as Form-C relays, multi pin bidirectional latch, data conversion and serial RS-232 data comm.

Initial integration support is provided with more in-depth engineering services available upon request.

  • Reduce PXIe instrument development time & risk
  • Command & Control through SPI, I2C, GPIO or UART interfaces
  • Command & Control GUI provided with documented API
  • Electrical interface definition for customer project footprint
  • PCB design rules for customer project footprint
  • Mechanical design rules for customer project footprint
32-bit Latch (and demo examples)
32-bit Latch (and demo examples)