Integrated PXI-VXI Combo Chassis

Integrates PXI and VXI

PXI/VXI Combo Chassis
PXI/VXI Combo Chassis

The Integrated PXI-VXI Combo Chassis is a hybrid chassis designed to be mounted in a standard instrument rack. The unit contains eight PXI or PXIe slots and ten VXI slots.

  • Add New Capability in an Existing Rack Space
  • Configuration Flexibility to Support New and Upgraded System Requirements
  • Avoid Unnecessary Replacement of VXI Instruments
  • Lower Lifecycle Costs
  • Reduce ECP/ECN Costs
  • Simplify Replacement Cabling
  • Reduce T.O. Changes Necessary
  • Instantly Create Hybrid Test Solutions

The unit allows the user to integrate existing VXI equipment with PXI/PXIe instrument modules, allowing multiple technologies to work side by side within a compact footprint. Also allows PXI/PXIe modules to be integrated with VME equipment.

The PXI/PXIe insert is a target product for the Mil-Aero and DoD customers faced with reduced support equipment budgets and legacy VXI systems requiring sustainment or requiring modernization with new capabilities.

These products do not require any micro-code overhead or complex development. Additionally, ATTI may be capable of designing any required replacement native VXI or VME instrument.