Miscellaneous Hardware


Retrofit for Mission Audio Panel
(NSN #5831-01-010-3519)

A detailed study has been performed to identify hardware components that present reliability problems and have become obsolete and unmaintainable. A methodology is used to retrofit the existing component subassemblies with new technology that maintains the form, fit, and function of the OEM specifications. This method of new technology insertion provides benefits of extended service life, enhanced utilization, reduced maintenance costs, improved reliability, and obsolescence neutral. Existing Test Program Sets (TPS) will be modified for continued support.

Part Number Description
MAP-5831-01-010-3519 Retrofit for Mission Audio Panel


BRAT Cable Sets

Part Number Description
9300COAX-10 Coax Cable Set (BRAT 105)
93000PWR-10 Power Cable Set (BRAT 105)
93000SYS-10 System Cable Set (BRAT 105)



This group consists of six levels of development ranging from Complexity 0 to Complexity 5, with level 5 the most complex. Within each complexity, nine additional subcomplexity levels exist.

Part Number Description
CABLE-00 Cable - Complexity 0.0 to 0.9
CABLE-01 Cable - Complexity 1.0 to 1.9
CABLE-02 Cable - Complexity 2.0 to 2.9
CABLE-03 Cable - Complexity 3.0 to 3.9
CABLE-04 Cable - Complexity 4.0 to 4.9
CABLE-05 Cable - Complexity 5.0 to 5.9


Common Parts

Computer Common Parts

Part Number Description
92105223-COM Computer Common Parts
92105099-01 Graphics Card
94000868-01 1.44 MB Floppy Drive
94100564-01 PCI Network Card
94100706-01 DVD-ROM Player
94100956-01 PS/2 Mouse - BRAT 100
94100957-01 PS/2 Keyboard - BRAT 100
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BRAT Common Parts

Part Number Description
92105224-COM BRAT Common Parts
02200110-01 Female Pipe Coupler
02200114-01 Coupler Protector
02200116-01 General Purpose Coupler
02200118-01 Male Bulkhead Connector
02200122-01 Filter/Regulator Gauge
02200123-01 Expander/Adapter
02200140-01 Filter/Regulator with Gauge
04000043-01 Angle Brackets
04000057-01 Side Panel
04000058-01 Bottom Panel
04000059-01 Joining Kit
92103674-01 Duplex AC Outlet
92103692-01 Amber Neon Lamp
92103925-01 Elapsed Time Meter
92103926-01 ETM Bezel
92103930-01 Single-Phase Circuit Breaker
92103962-01 Double Wheel Caster
92103964-01 Three-Phase Circuit Breaker
93000165-03 20 A IEC Connector
93000521-30 Wiring Duct Cover - Modified
93000547-01 Three-Phase Power Plug
94100172-01 Cable Shield - BRAT 405
94100172-03 Cable Shield - BRAT 405
94100293-01 BNC Jack to Type N Jack Bulkhead Adapter
94100344-01 Left Inlet Connector Lock
94100344-02 Right Inlet Connector Lock
94100345-01 Left Outlet Connector Lock
94100345-02 Right Outlet Connector Lock
94100411-01 Cable Retainer
94100422-01 100 Ohm Coaxial Cable - 24"
95000658-01 Inrush Current Limiter
96000033-01 200 Position Pin Header with .533 Tails for RFI Receiver
96000171-01 Type N Plug to SMA Jack Adapter
96200051-01 Connector Spacer
96200051-03 Connector Spacer
96238203-01 Female to Female GPIB Bulkhead Connector
96238204-01 Male to Male In-line GPIB Cable
MS27502F25C Electrical Connector Cover
WC596/42-2 Power Plug
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Part Number Description
92105225-COM Hardware (Loose Hardware such as Screws, Nuts, Bolts, Lugs, etc.)
04000040-01 Hardware Kit



Part Number Description
03009600-10 B504-100 Patch Panel Connector Replacement Assembly
200521124-01 Connector, Plug (minimum order - 3)
200521124-03 Connector, Plug (minimum order - 3)
200521124-05 Connector, Plug (minimum order - 3)
200626917-01 Connector, Mount, CBBC ITA (minimum order - 3)
200626983-01 Connector, Mount, Tailored I/O ITA (minimum order - 3)
200818354-01 Connector, Mount, E3 DDP Plain Text Processor
(minimum order - 3)
94100691-01 Coupler, Plug with Barb, Acetal, Panel Mount (1/8 x 3/16) (minimum order - 3)
95650487-10 Interstage Connector


Fixture Starter Kit

Facilitates rapid TPS interface prototyping. Kit includes:

  • One 152-position power contact connector without contacts
  • Two 152-position coaxial contact connectors without contacts
  • One 59-position coaxial contact connector without contacts
  • Two 59-position power contact connectors without contacts
  • 17 200-position general purpose connectors with 0.325-inch tail
  • One 29-slot protective fixture cover
  • One 29-slot width IEEE-1505 CTI compliant fixture
  • One 8-inch deep fixture enclosure

Power and Coaxial Pins for CTI101

Facilitates rapid TPS interface prototyping and reuse of wires. Kit includes:

  • Coaxial contacts, crimp type
  • Power contacts, crimp type
  • General purpose box pins, crimp type
  • 2 x 25 stackable headers


Hardware Upgrades

Part Number Description
95650730-01 BRAT/MPTS Controller Windows XP Upgrade, Computer, and Keyboard
95650730-03 BRAT/MPTS Controller Windows 10 Upgrade, Computer, and Keyboard
96000001-UPG BRAT Option 504 Controller I/O Upgrade - Increased Memory


ITA Retrofit

ITA Retrofit - Complex Rollup

These groups consist of six levels of development ranging from Complexity 1 to Complexity 6, with level 6 the most complex. Within each complexity, nine additional subcomplexity levels exist. Example: Retrofit Digital Complex Rollup - LRU ITA - Complexity 4.0 to 4.9

Retrofit Digital Complex Rollup

Retrofit Electro Optic Complex Rollup

Retrofit Analog/Digital Hybrid Complex Rollup

Retrofit RF Complex Rollup


PC Based

MXI-3 Interface Board

MIL-STD-1553A/B Bus Analyzer

Operating modes:

  • Bus controller
  • Multiple RT
  • Bus monitor
  • Programmable response time

Dual bus Programmable parameters:

  • Response time
  • Message rate
  • Amplitude
  • Error injection

Digital to Synchro Resolver

  • 3 independent digital to synchro channels (custom configurable)
  • Dynamic rate and directions

Synchro Resolver to Digital

  • 3 independent synchro to digital channels (custom configurable)
  • Dynamic rate and directions

ARINC-429 Test/Simulation and Monitor Card

  • Up to 10 ARINC-429 channels
  • Variable Tx amplitude control per Tx channel
  • Programmable rise/fall time per Tx channel
  • Programmable Tx inter-word gap (sync) time
  • 32K x 8 true dual-port RAM (8- and 16-bit transfers)
  • User definable Tx and Rcv buffer sizes per channel
  • Two modes of receiver/monitor data storage modes (Sequential and Lookup Table)
  • ARINC filter table
  • Error injection (per block)
  • Error detection (per ARINC word)
  • Interrupt and polling capabilities in all modes

ARINC-629 (DATAC) Simulation and Test Board

  • 16/8-bit data bus
  • Time tagging of messages
  • ARINC-629 compatible Serial Interface Module (SIM) (standard)
  • Open collector TTL (standard)
  • 128K x 16 double buffered data ram (dual ported)

PCI-MXI-2 Card

  • PCI-MXI-2 Circuit Card Assembly
  • Hardware Registration Card
  • Product Guide



Part Number Description
00071002-10 Valve Driver CCA
00071006-10 Actuator Driver CCA
L9668-111-014-01 RV Operator
L9668-111-014-03 RV Operator
L9668-111-024-01 2-Way NO Shutoff Valve
L9668-111-024-02 2-Way NC Shutoff Valve
L9668-111-024-03 3-Way Shutoff Valve (Return Port 1)
L9668-111-024-04 3-Way Shutoff Valve (Return Port 2)
L9668-111-025-01 Gas Regulator
L9668-111-025-02 Gas Regulator
L9668-111-025-03 Gas Regulator
L9668-111-026-01 Air Regulator
L9668-111-026-02 Air Regulator
L9668-111-030-02 Check Valve
L9668-111-030-03 Check Valve
L9668-111-030-04 Check Valve
L9668-111-053-01 Solenoid Valve
L9668-111-054-01 Filter Regulator
L9668-111-054-11 Filter Replacement
L9668-111-057-01 Restrictor Orifice
L9668-111-057-02 Restrictor Orifice
L9668-111-057-03 Restrictor Orifice
L9668-111-057-04 Restrictor Orifice
L9668-111-060-01 Gauge Protector


Products - Without Qualification Test Procedures and Reverse Engineering

Part Number Description
92103860-03-woQTP&RE 6 1/2-Digit Multimeter Module without QTP and RE
95650140-10-woQTP&RE Rack Mount Monitor without QTP and RE
95650142-10-woQTP&RE Three-Phase Power Distribution System without QTP and RE
95650143-10-woQTP&RE Single-Phase Power Distribution System without QTP and RE
95650153-10-woQTP&RE Uninterruptible Power Supply without QTP and RE
95650701-01-woQTP&RE Digital Oscilloscope without QTP and RE
95650702-01-woQTP&RE Laser Jet Printer without QTP and RE
95650705-01-woQTP&RE Rack Mount Keyboard without QTP and RE
95650715-01-woQTP&RE LAN Switch without QTP and RE
95650725-01-woQTP&REß UPS Battery without QTP and RE
L9668-111-013-01-woQTP&RE DC Motor Controller without QTP and RE
L9668-111-013-03-woQTP&RE DC Motor Controller without QTP and RE
L9668-111-014-01-woQTP&RE RV Operator without QTP and RE
L9668-111-014-03-woQTP&RE RV Operator without QTP and RE